Hey there, I'm Davit Tsiklauri, a 20-year-old student proudly representing Tbilisi, Georgia. My passion for the arts has been a lifelong affair – from classical paintings to the enchanting world of photography and film, I've always been captivated by how artists can stir our emotions through their work.

Currently, I'm on a thrilling journey as a student of 'Audio Visual and Media Arts' at GIPA. Each day, I immerse myself in various artistic mediums, honing my skills and finding fresh, thought-provoking ways to express myself.I had the fantastic opportunity to join Windfors, Georgia's largest creative agency, where I now serve as the youngest Junior Strategist on the team. It's an exciting role, and I can't wait to dive deeper in the creative field.

In a world full of imagination and innovation, I'm Davit Tsiklauri, an artist on a mission to blend the worlds of art, media, and emotion into something that really hits you in the feels. Take a peek at my portfolio.
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